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Frequently ask questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What is benefits  of  SCQE IATF Organization/ Supplier Lead Auditor (IOLA) Certification?

  1. SCQE – IOLA Certification training course is only conducted by IATF third party auditor with minimum 5 years experienced in auditing. Other Sanction course i.e. from oversight is mostly delivered by trainer that is not IATF third party auditor, hence the content delivered might not reflect the main issues face by organization.
  2. SCQE – IOLA examination is developed by member of SCQE examination board that consisted of 3 IATF third party auditors, 2 academicians, and 2 industry practitioners. The  qualification criteria based on 3rd party qualification which consist knowledge and application of 1st and 2nd party audit except the years of experiences of candidate is waived.
  3. The SCQE- IOLA course and qualification, is recognised as of the stringent requirements to meet clause 7.2.3 and 7.2.4
  4. SCQE – IOLA course and examination is considered as traceable to IATF since the course delivered by IATF 3rd party auditor and evaluation by examination board that is consist of IATF Lead Auditor.
  5. SCQE – IOLA course is much more affordable in compare to sanctioned course
  6. SCQE – IOLA course and qualification meet ISO17024 (Personnel Certification) requirements and ISO19011 requirements such as 40 hours training for management system Lead Auditor qualification


FAQ 2: Do Organization/ Supplier Lead auditor required “Sanctioned” certification?

- IATF not required the 1st party and 2nd party auditor to be qualified by “Sanctioned Course”


FAQ 3: What is different between “Sanctioned” and “non Sanctioned certification?

 -  Sanctioned course is the course that is developed by  oversight body i.e. SMMT


FAQ 4: What is the different between IATF 3rd party lead auditor and 2nd/ 1st party lead auditor?

- IATF third party auditor is the auditor that governed is by IATF to provide IATF16949 certification to organization. The 3rd party auditor shall be sponsor/ assigned to IATF contracted certification bodies before they can attend the training and examination and must meet the requirements of section 4.2 of IATF Rule i.e. 10 years working eperiance (4 year in QA related) etc.

- The 1st/ 2nd party lead auditor is the competence person to lead, organised and conduct internal/ supplier audit according to IATF16949:2016 requirements. The 1st party and 2 party auditor not governed by IATF. 


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